Home made Gyro meat recipe!

Not all meat is gluten free Did you know that most commercial gyro meat may have fillers like bread, soy and even MSG? For those who want or need to be gluten-free, this can be a problem. I did not really think about it until Justin and I were on vacation and decided...

Granola cake, Inspired by keto granola

Experiment with ingredients you already like I saw this keto granola when walking through Costco with my sister and it interested me. The ingredients were pretty straight forward and clean so I thought I would give it a try. ingredients:Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed,...

The benefits of brussels for bones and more!

Eat your veggies When Justin and I got married, he said he didn’t like Brussels sprouts, and there was no way I could get him to. He said they smelled bad……and they kind of do!  But, Justin now eats Brussels sprouts. We shared some fried ones when we...

Gluten….What’s the big deal?

Of all the nutritional questions I get asked, the question of Gluten is probably the most difficult to answer definitively but I am going to try to lay out some information and then the decision has to be yours (and your Dr.’s in some cases), as to whether you want to...
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